Formulation Examples

from standards to extremes, NUFLUX™ covers it all

Product Range

NUFLUX™ formulated gear oils come with five certified ISO viscosity grades, and formulations are also possible with additional ISO viscosity grades. 

NUFLUX™ formulations with NEXBASE™ as base oil meets industry standards like DIN 51517-3, AGMA 9005-F16, AIST 224 (formerly US Steel 224), and many demanding OEM requirements.

Currently, all five available NUFLUX™ formulations for ISO VG 150, 220, 320, 460 and 680 show improvements in scuffing and micropitting, as well as lower operation temperatures.

 Even high ISO grades like 300 and 1000 can be formulated using NUFLUX™ ingredients VISCOBASE® and NEXBASE™ Group III.